Sanibel Yoga is a Wholistic Healing space for
Heart, Body, Mind & Soul
and the ONLY Yoga Studio on the Islands.


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From the moment you walk through our doors, you will feel the unique nature of our studio. Stepping onto a stunningly rich dark wood, ecologically harvested African Walnut floor, instantly sets the mood in which to restore the body, still the mind, and revitalize the spirit.

We are handicap friendly with designated parking spaces, easy access ramp & bathroom. This serene, tranquil, light-filled space with 4 large windows invites the best of nature’s beauty inside, further enhancing your de-stressing experience in a most peaceful setting.

This is what the yoga experience was meant to be.


header why choose us?

Because YOU are our #1 Priority and Because One size does NOT fit all

Specifically designed as a premiere healing space, we’ve assembled the most qualified, compassionate teachers with decades of teaching experience in an uplifting environment - all under one roof.

Here at Sanibel Yoga we provide a warm, comfortable and sincere atmosphere in which you can thrive. We remain committed to the tenets of EMPOWERMENT as this is the foundation to restore balance and key for your health and vitality to flourish. All our offerings are life-enhancing and inspiring with opportunities for YOU to align with Heart energy, connect with your Mind, enable you to understand your Body, and deepen your Spiritual path, wherever you are on YOUR journey.

We welcome everyone in the community to walk the path with us, regardless of age, shape, or level of experience. We’ll provide the necessary tools to create harmonious conditions in YOUR life and in thus the world at large.

Our Yoga faculty are trained and certified well beyond the 200 hours minimum required by all professional studios around the country. We understand that beyond formal certification there is also a necessary skill set and “art to teaching” these classical traditions. We  are blessed with the BEST. All are passionate about what they do and draw from Tantric philosophy: that we are all co-creators with Nature or the Supreme in this life, and this creative freedom, expressed to its fullest potential makes life fun, exciting and inspiring. May we remember and see and celebrate this each and every day.  May we open to a richer life, one with more profundity and meaning.

Come and experience the Sanibel Yoga difference.

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