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Sanibel is the only Holistic Healing Center for Body, Mind, Heart, & Soul
on the islands.

Stepping through the door onto ecologically harvested African Walnut, a stunningly rich dark wood floor, instantly sets the mood for your de-stressing experience.  

This serene, tranquil, light-filled space with 4 large windows invites the best of nature’s beauty inside, further enhancing this most peaceful setting.…

Now this is what a  yoga experience was meant to be.

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YOU are our #1 Priority
Because One size does NOT fit all

Perhaps it’s the decades of teaching experience gathered under one roof. There is an art to teaching these traditions and we are blessed with the BEST.  Instructors all are formally credentialed with in-depth educational training. We also know the importance of continued education as all are well beyond the 200 hours minimum required here at Sanibel Yoga. This amazing group of talented, skillful teachers provides safe, compassionate instructional, educational classes and workshops.

Not only did word spread quickly about Sanibel Yoga’s beauty & ideal energetic setting but we’ve quickly earned a sterling reputation for quality as well. We have an extensive, well-rounded menu of offerings honoring in true form the classic spiritual & yogic traditions. (We emphasize the spiritual side as much as the physical.)

Owner, Dr. Susan Pataky is well loved & respected as are all the staff. Our mission is honoring the centuries old traditions of Hatha Yoga & Body/Mind  practicies while seamlessly meeting the needs of all people living in the 21st century. Dr. Susan holds a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine, is a registered and certified Yoga Therapist(IAYT) and also teaches privately.



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